Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First cruise ship of the year came this morning:

The good part is this means the stores in town will start
being open more hours now. The one and only craft-type
store we have has been closed all winter on Sunday and
Monday, so when I need ribbon and things it can get
frustrating that they are closed so much.

Well the weather is just as weird here as everywhere
else. One day it is warm and sunny, the next it drops
back down to 40 degrees. Yesterday it was warm
enough to stick my little dog out on the deck in
the sun and next thing I know he is crying out
there because he is getting hit by hail!

I have a very busy end of the week coming up
with a bit of a nerve-wracking twist to it. I am
making a 3 tiered wedding cake for one of
the outlying villages and I will be sending it
on a float plane to the wedding. Yes, I know,
it's madness. She also ordered 40 decorated
fish cookies for the groom and cupcakes.

She said it started off with them just going
to the justice of the peace to get married and
the word got out and now the entire town
is invited. Funny how that happens LOL

I have a plan in place to make the cake sturdy
enough to travel on the plane, I am just
hoping the weather is good so there isn't a
lot of bouncing around. The very last thing I
will do is pound a wooden dowel down through
the middle of the whole cake and that will
go down into the cake board and hold the
layers in place.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the process.

Now off to the kitchen for the day...


Laura~peach~ said...

cant wait to see !!!!! one of thos ereality shows on history or discovery was of the people who fly those planes in alaska... and one had to deliver a cake... i wish i could recall the details but i missed the show and only recall the commercial...

Caution said...

Don't stop at pictures. Video it! Good luck :)