Friday, May 13, 2011


We woke up to another gorgeous day! The temperature
fools you though because it looks warm but overnight
the neighbor's roof developed a bit of frost. It warms
up beautifully during the day and the part time
people are really pouring into town now.

It's funny because one of the ways you can tell
them apart is A) they are naturally tanned and
B) they are always in the grocery store lines
asking for something that isn't available.

Case in point: A tanned man in creased slacks
was holding up the entire line at the store by
insisting that there HAD to be at least one
piece of blah-blah-blah cheese in this
building. I say blah-blah-blah because
I have no idea what he was asking about.

It's not like we don't have cheese, we have a
lot of cheese. In fact, the deli case has some
pretty weird sounding cheese in it that did
not come from this country.

Plus I saw a man in the store last night
with a pomeranian under his arm.

Now that is one of my pet peeves, sorry.
I go into the grocery store for food and
the last thing I want are your dog's
cooties floating around my food. Blech.
Can't they sit in the car and wait for
you like all of the other canines?

Oh, and another tell-tale sign that you
are a visitor. Camo. Believe it or not,
head to toe camouflage is not what
people wear here everyday.

I saw a woman yesterday that had the
entire outfit, from her safari hat
to her hunting boots, all completely
covered in camo. And the reflector
sunglasses added the perfect touch.

I don't know if she was hiding from
someone or if she thought there was
going to be a grizzly walking downtown,
but she definitely caught my attention.

This morning:

Our older daughter worked all day and then went out
and split all the wood my brother gave us from the trees
in his yard. Our younger daughter went to school all
day and then went and worked with my husband at
his job site. I love ambitious kids, don't you?

Speaking of the job site, my husband was replacing windows
on a very old house. He pulled one of the original windows
out and there was a paper rolled up underneath it as
a shim. He unrolled it and it is an original newspaper
from Seattle in 1938. Look at the headline:

We are unrolling it slowly so it doesn't fall apart!

The beginning of the wedding order that is going by
plane out to a village; fish cookies for the groom:

Back down to the kitchen--Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your children are hard working like my son. He is never bored because he always finds something to do and it doesn't involve the computer or tv or a hand held game. It involve physical labor.

Cindy in Tennessee