Monday, May 9, 2011


Boy, what a controversy, huh? Some people say it is
absolutely authentic and we should just drop it already,
others are saying there are problems with it and it
should be investigated.

I listened to this man today and what I found interesting
about him is that he actually voted for Obama and is
not interested in calling him a liar. BUT, he is a graphics
expert and his background compels him to investigate
the issues that keep cropping up with the authenticity
of the document that was presented.

What do we, as the American public, do about this
problem? Why are these issues not being addressed
by the White House?

I realize there are bigger problems at the moment,
but in the end, if our Commander in Chief is not
lawfully sitting in the White House, where does
that leave us?

Even if you are a huge Obama fan and think he's
the greatest thing since sliced bread, doesn't it at
least make you wonder why someone would do
this if the original birth certificate is all good?

Are you able to sit there and defend something
that the evidence reveals to be false?

Oh, and just as an afterthought...does anybody else
think it's just a little bit of a poke at the American
people that the person signing the certificate
at the very bottom was named U.K. Lelee.
Say it fast--Ukelele--like the Hawaiian

Come on---Seriously?

Although, I did hear about a Pastor Sin
once and also a Dr. Sick....and then there
was the book The Yellow River by I.P. Freely
and of course the famous Under the Bleachers
by Seymour Butts.


Watch for yourself and decide:


Laura~peach~ said...

my eye dr's name is crook.... and Yeah.

Caution said...

I think I saw something about the layers in a video on YouTube. I get really, really confused by the whole thing. Was Trump really satisfied with the certificate?