Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Before I continue on with the trip photos I want to
answer a question that was asked by Kathy. She
wanted to know what the picture was all about
in my header photo.

That is a grizzly paw. This month a 15 year old boy was
out deer hunting and came across a huge bear dragging
whale meat from a dead whale across the beach into the
forest. The picture shows how big the paw is compared
to the kid's hands.

It is my understanding that we have some of the largest
grizzlies in the world right here on Baranof Island because
of the great amount and quality of food that they have
available to them.

By the looks of that paw I would say yes, there are
some very large bears here.

Back to the WA trip...

Food, food and more food! These storage warehouses
line the roads for miles and miles.

These wild horses fool everybody! This is a closeup, but
in reality they are way up along a ridge and when you are
driving in the car it looks like real wild horses running free.
They are made of metal and in the beginning there were
just a few, but now there is a whole line of them and they
have letters on them.

Coming into Vantage with a nice view of the Gorge.
There is a beautiful outdoor ampitheater here that
they call the Gorge at George (George, Washington)
They have a lot of very famous performers that
come here to play to sold out audiences.

More green stuff being grown..

These wind blocking trees are everywhere! They protect
crops from wind damage, which is a very real consideration.
There always seems to be a wind blowing across these

We stopped at a rest stop and this pulled in next to us.
I just liked the logo!

It was getting dark by the time we entered the little
town where our cabin is, so no good pictures. I took
this as we were going down the last road. It is dusk
with the last bit of sun on the windmills that line
the hills everywhere in this part of the state.

Early the next morning...

Our cabin!


Niki said...

What a cute cabin! I spent several minutes studying your header photo the other day...that is crazy big!

Laura~peach~ said...

LOVE the cabin and what a huge bear!
made chocolate kaluha cheesecakes today... thought of you :)

Kathy said...

That is one huge bear paw! I didn't think it could be real.
I love your cabin, I hope we'll be invited inside!

Laura-peach.....chocolate kaluha cheesecake! oh my!!!!