Sunday, November 21, 2010


So we are continuing on our trip into the small
town of Winthrop. We saw some neat places along
the way:

This was the bakery in Winthrop. This town has an old
time western theme to it and all of the buildings and
businesses have storefronts that are in keeping with
the feel of an old western town. It is really neat, even
the modern offices have the western storefronts,
complete with wooden boardwalks:

We didn't spend a lot of time here because we
were on our way down towards the bottom of
the state and ran out of time.

On a sour note we left Winthrop in a bad mood.
When we got back to our vehicle someone had
decided they didn't like our bumper sticker
against Obama and left us a very nasty note
that had been scribbled on a torn off piece of
grocery sack. They called us names like despicable
and accused us of being racist because we
don't agree with his policies and really
don't like him at all as a president.

Funny, seeing how it's our truck and we were
parked on a public road in a free country, I
know it is our God given right to express
ourselves in the manner we choose.

Oh well, I hope the person that wrote it felt
better after they expressed themselves, but
just for the record, hiding from us and placing
the note anonymously without any sort of
name or signature really doesn't give you
any credibility or respect in my book.

Oh, and if by some slim chance this was
you and you were watching us read the
note from inside the store, shame on you
for being such a coward. You really
should have your mouth washed out
with some nasty lye soap.

And keep your ___ hands off my truck.



Continuing on our way we started getting into
some serious food country. Apples, apples and
more apples. Plus grapes! Wow Washington
has really turned in a wine country with miles
and miles of beautiful vineyards to see:

These are stacks of apple crates lined along the roads.
They are everywhere! We literally drove for a full hour
along just one stretch of road and there was not a break
in the orchards. Cherries, pears, apples--LOTS of food
over in this part of the state.

We were very hungry for apples after driving through all
of this beautiful food, so we stopped at a home with some
apples for sale out front from their trees.

I love it--the honor system still works out here.
You would think with the economy being so
bad and people out of work that the money
jar would disappear, but it was there with
money in it and nobody around.

Fresh, organic, crispy, juicy, delicious.
My mouth is watering just thinking about
how good those apples were!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH MY WOW HOW TOTALLY COOL THE MONEY JAR!!!!! that would never work around here... sadly :(

ha ha ha on the coward who left you a sure sign of their cowardace and stupidity over your bumper sticker...

I love the ones that say... i will keep my guns and something you can keep the change... *much too early in the morning to quote correctly*

anyway those pics are amazing and I am still reeling over the money jar that gives me HOPE!!!!! :)

Caution Flag said...

I've never been to Washington, but it looks beautiful. Of course, you are well used to beauty I suppose :)

What a picture of tolerance your note writer was. Jerk.

Kathy said...

Lovely pictures, I loved the very first one best. I adore old houses and barns. What a great trip! The money jar kind of makes up for the cowardly nasty note... kind of... Now I need to run over to our own Apple Hill and buy some more apples. Thanks! And a question, 'is that big foot or what, on your header?'