Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Before I continue with the pictures below I wanted
to explain the silliness in my header picture.

We took out the Christmas stuff last night and we
filled up the empty containers with what we like
to call "The Scuzzy Cuzzies" A pig pile of
cousins that can make a plaything out of
just about anything. I love it :-)

So after arriving at our cabin we went out to look for
some deer. This area has record numbers of deer--they
are everywhere. Driving along the roads there are
herds of them sleeping, roaming in pastures and
jumping the few fences farmers put up to keep
their livestock in.

This is the neighbor's property behind ours.

We found a small herd and when they saw us the does
all took off with the young ones, but Mr. Buck stayed
behind to check us out. See him under the tree? He
stayed so stock still that he looked like a statue. My
husband was walking slowly towards him and he
never moved a hair. If he was hunting for real he
would have been an easy target.

The gorgeous view from the front porch of our cabin:

We had a small rain squall move through quickly and
left this beauty behind:

We decided to go and visit and friend that lives a
few miles away. This is a really pretty place along
the way to her house:

Our friend's cabin on 60 acres:

The entire field in front of her cabin is filled with purple
Iris's in the spring and she showed many pictures of
the wildlife crossing it; elk, bobcats, deer, cranes, etc.

She is getting elderly and has talked about splitting
the property up and selling off 5 acre pieces.
Wouldn't that be a small piece of paradise?

I love vintage houses and especially the gingerbread
look of the Victorian type architecture. There are
several in this small town and I love it that people
have made the effort to restore some of them:

If you look closely you will see that this one has a
mural painted on it:

Back on the road to the west side of the state. We go
through some very dry, barren land again:

One of the towns you go through is filled with murals:

Back through more food growing country. Amazing,
isn't it, what the addition of water will do? Just
look at the contrast between the untouched terrain
and the irrigated terrain!

Sssshhhhhhh....a secret military facility. Look at all the
satellite dishes...

Lots of warning signs here along the highway to

There isn't even a shrub for miles around this place.
A rabbit couldn't sneak in here without being seen.

Beautiful Ellensburg. This is a college town and they
grow lots of food here too. Plus they have a ton
of windmills cranking out the electricity because
it is always windy here:

Time for a pit stop at one of my favorite antique stores.
There are 2 levels of antiques for sale and the bottom
floor is filled with fruits, vegetables, candy, gifts and
all sorts of really neat stuff you won't find anywhere
else. Plus Applets and Cotlets made right here! Yes!

So my husband and I are wandering through the
many booths of antiques and I see a lady that
looks like she is dragging around a black


My husband wanders over to see what the heck
she's doing that for.

Oh my word--it's her DOG.

See the little pink tongue?

She is a Puli and they are bred to be sheepherders. The
predators can't hurt them because the dreadlocks are
so thick they can't get to their body to bite them.

She claimed this dog could run really fast and when
I asked how could she even see, the lady explained
that when running the dreadlocks fly away from
their eyes. I guess when sitting she doesn't need
to see?

I don't know, she seemed like a happy dog and
was very friendly to me when I petted her.
Now I know what it would be like to touch the
hair of a person with dreadlocks...


Laura~peach~ said...

i cant help but wonder if all the people with dreds know that a dog breed had them first lol...
beautiful pics all of them! i want 5 acres please :)

Kathy said...

Your place is heavenly!

Laura~peach~ said...

sent this as a reply to your comment but it said it was a no reply thingy so am posting it here :)

it sounds wonderful i love the views you capture with your camera and maybe some SUMMER i can really make that trip... you have to have a passport now to go to alaska right??? I will need to aquire one of those... :) thank you It means the world to know that there is a place to escape to if i need to... whats funny is I have been biting my tongue for so long that i was actually pretty happy when he opened this door for me to be able to say just what i think... I had not talked to him in a month since he came over to get the cans from me to cash in... and martha had showed her behind over what he and i had talked about... so... anyway I actually feel good :) I am waiting to see what she and he has to say in response i am sure they will blow up and take it as something it is not ment to be but that only shows me more of how immature they are.
IF not for Michael and Bradley I sure would give alot of thought to running away :) but they need me and i need them.
thank you again as it really does make me feel good to know there is somewhere i can run to :)
love n hugs Laura