Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry for the delay in posting about our trip!
Sometimes things just get away from me and
I need to take a breather.

So, continuing on over the mountains towards
Winthrop and the lodge we were going to
stay at that night.

The water is gorgeous along the mountain roads. I
think I read somewhere that it is so green because of
all the minerals from the snow melt.

Here we are at Sun Mountain Lodge. What a beautiful
place! It sits at the very top of a mountain and the views
are spectacular. The grounds are beautifully maintained
year-round because they have activities for every

There are benches all over the grounds to sit and
take in the beautiful views. As I was sitting here
it was so quiet all I could hear was the wind
blowing slowly over the tall grasses. The air is
very clean up here at the top of the mountain.

For the more adventurous guests there is tennis
and horseback riding in addition to miles of
walking trails and cross country skiing.

The rooms are very plush, with very expensive linens and
things like white fluffy bathrobes and a nice stereo
system in the room with classical music playing
when you arrive.

Everything is handmade and custom; each
room has a beautiful light outside of the door
for when you return to your room:

And since it is a lodge it has more than it's share
of dead critters on display. For those of you that
know what Boone and Crockett is, there are signs
everywhere showing how many of these animals
are trophies listed with Boone and Crockett.

I didn't get pictures, but the next morning we ate in the
restaurant with a breathtaking view of the valley while
we ate. It was very crowded, so I am assuming the
locals drive up the mountain to eat there on the

Going down the mountain after breakfast. The road
winds down and around to the lake...

...past more cabins on the lake that are part of the lodge.

Just gorgeous! And if you can click the picture and
make it bigger you will see some very large log
houses scattered on the mountain:

This cute place is for sale at the bottom of the mountain.
It has an old orchard with it and if you look closely
you will see what comes with the orchard...

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Kathy said...

What a wonderful place to visit! The lodge is beautiful. I like who comes with the orchard.