Saturday, February 27, 2010


We got a phone call very early this morning from our
friends in Colorado wondering if we had seen the news
about the earthquake in Chili yet. Since they are 2 hours
ahead of us they had already heard about it.

Our town is currently under a Tsunami advisory, meaning
they expect a small wave to hit here about 3:00 pm AK time.

Our house is at 92 feet sea level and they advise you to
get to approx. 100 feet to be safe.

What a strange feeling to stand at the living room window
and wonder if there is a destructive wave that originated in
South America headed in our direction.

Please continue to keep my Mom in your thoughts and
prayers. She is still in the hospital with a blockage and
we are still waiting to hear what is going to be done
about it.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Dear Sweet One (such an appropriate title for a baker extrordinaire),

You are in my prayers during this scary waiting game regarding the tsunami and your mother's blockage. The Lord be with you as you snuggle under his downy wing for comfort.

Also, (*sniff, sniff*) your very touching comment opened my eyes to the gift my dear friend Karen Deborah enjoyed every time she visited my blog. I count you a very dear friend and I do so hope Karen Deborah and I can fly up to see you sometime soon -- that qualifies as a double prayer against a tsunami and in favor of a trip. The Lord hears . . .

Thank you again for reaching out so sweetly.

Now . . . to get back to the business of keeping my resolve to avoid the evils of white flour in the face of so many SCRUMPTIOUS works of art on this blog of yours. (Hey, maybe I can call it art and avoid the nutritional snafu . . . I know I'm grasping at straws -- make them cheese straws and I'm a goner!)

Okay, I'm off to check on my refried beans (I'm determined to make them taste REAL) and start the stew stewing for supper. It's cold and wintry again today . . . but I love it!


Caution Flag said...

You are all things Alaska to me, so whenever the news turns that direction, I do think of you.

I'm sorry that your mom continues to have such a difficult time. She surely will remain in my prayers.

Now PLEASE climb 8 feet higher, okay?

Karen Deborah said...

I'm sorry your Mom is having such a rought time of it. The Lord keep you safe and let that wave peter out to nothing. The one in Hawii and Santa Cruz was only 2 feet tall.
He will keep you in perfect peace whose heart is stayed(moored, anchored) on Him.

Praying for you dear friend,

Mary said...

I have been out of town and missed all of your news. Did you ever get a large wave, and how is your mother? My mother is finally getting stronger after a year of cancer treatments. Moms are special - I will be praying for yours!