Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yep, 21 days until spring and winter decided to
make an appearance. Yesterday was 55 degrees,
warmer if you were standing in the sun according
to my deck thermometer.

Toady we have rained mixed with big, fat
snowflakes. Hopefully it won't stick around
much. The herring are making their way here
and there always has to be snow before the
herring lay their eggs. My dad told me that
is an old wive's tale, but it seems to be true.

So the tsunami petered out by the time it
reached Alaska, which is just fine by me.
Lots of people lined up down at the beach
around 3:30 when it was supposed to be
here, but the only thing I saw were some
funny tidal lines that were swirling round
and round out there. The salmon fishermen
didn't come in, so they must not have been
too worried about the whole thing.

My mom ended up going into surgery on
Sunday the 28th. They knew she had some
sort of blockage and tried to let it pass
naturally, but she was getting sicker and
sicker so they made a decision to open
her up and see what was going on and
deal with it. It was scar tissue around the
surgery site and it wasn't going anywhere
without somebody removing it.

The surgeon set aside 4 hours for the
surgery and it ended up taking less than
30 minutes! He was pleasantly surprised,
but if he only knew how many people were
praying for her he shouldn't have been
surprised at all.

I called her last night and my uncle picked
up the phone and wouldn't let me talk to
her because she was in a lot of pain. So I
called her back this morning and nobody
answered her bedside phone. Hmmm.

Where the heck is my mom?

I called later that hour and she answered
and told me the nurse knocked the phone
over and didn't realize the mute button was
pushed on. It sounds like they are thinking
about sending her home in the next couple
of days if she can eat solid food and walk
a bit more. Let's hope that is the last of
the problems and she is on the road to
a full recovery!

Have I ever mentioned how much we like
and use our library system? We always
have stacks of books checked out and the
occasional movie too.

Our library has display cabinets along one
wall as you walk in and they encourage the
community to fill them monthly with things
of interest, collections, art, etc. So I
offered to display some of my lady head
vases. My husband and I went down on
the 1st and set them up:

I didn't bring any super expensive ones down;
the Jackie Kennedy is probably worth the most
at about $300. The library has insurance, but
it only kicks in after $100,000 damage, so I
figured I'd leave the upper-end ladies safe
here at home.

I displayed some magazines, reference books
and newsletters and wrote a bit of information
about the heads and where people could look
for more information if they were so inclined.

As we were setting up we had one of the librarians
remark that now that she had seen them in person
she remembered her grandma having one when
she was growing up. That's what everybody
says when they see them!

How about you--did your grandma have one
of these lovelies on a shelf in her home when
you were a kid?


Susan said...

Yes, my grandmother did and I have no clue what ever happened to it. I am enjoying yours very much.

lani said...

What a great collection I just love collecting and you are only shwoing a few wow...thank you

Corisa said...

We just had Spring Show up!!! Wish we could send some snow your way for the little fishys!

Niki said...

Well we haven't had a head vase post in a while! :) I had never seen these until I stumbled upon your wonderful blog a couple of years ago....! Is that right? a couple of years?...I think so....

Hugs and so happy all went well with the surgery