Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well I guess we are not going to get winter this year.
Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, no siree.
But it is still only February and already people in this
household are having scratchy throats and itchy eyes
that can only mean one thing--plants blooming!

We have alder trees near our house and those buggers
really cause havoc for people with allergies. The
house next door was just listed for sale so my husband
said maybe he should cut the alders down before the
new owners move in and lay claim to them. People
can be so weird about trees!

My husband came home for lunch so we walked
across the street to the beach with the dogs. What
a treat to live in such a beautiful place! The air
is squeaky clean, fresh smelling and pure. The
salt in the air is very healing and I always feel
so good after walking along the water for awhile.

We all notice the difference in the air quality
when we go down south for awhile. I think when
you live with air pollution all the time you don't
truly know what clean air smells like. Last time
I traveled down to Seattle I couldn't get over
how bad it smelled as soon as we got outside
of the airport. Blech.

The dogs go crazy over the seagulls that just sit there
and taunt them. They let them get within a few feet and
then just calmly fly a few feet away. Every single time.
Cracks me up.

Always watching...(said in Roz's voice
from Monster's Inc)

See these? In a few hours they will look like this:

I had to make a dessert buffet yesterday for a customer
and I had a hard time handing over this apple pie to them.
The chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream was
difficult to let go too.

The customer was all OH it's all so pretty and yummy!
I'm all Get your dirty paws off my desserts lady.

No, just kidding.

I didn't really say that. I wanted to, but I didn't
actually say that. I mean, she did order them
and pay for them and all that boring stuff.


It has been so long since I made anything just for us
that I got more apples and I am making a pie today for
the 4 of us to eat.
A person can only take so much deprivation!

This was a fun cake that I did for the Seventh Day
Adventist church's 50th anniversary. Top tier
was white, the bottom chocolate with strawberry
buttercream filling. The customer wanted the
previous pastor's honored, but didn't want a
big list of names on the cake. The whole cake
is edible except for the tiny piece of gold
ribbon tied on the tag on top. How about that
edible gold glitter, huh? Pretty cool stuff!

Check out this picture I took from our deck.
It should get bigger if you click it.
My husband was outside in the front yard
with a fire burning and there were several
fishing boats out on the water with their
lights on. And the light in the middle is
the street light in the beach parking lot
across the street. Kind of a neat effect.

For any of you that pray, please keep my
Mom in your prayers. She was taken to the
hospital by ambulance yesterday with a
bowle obstruction. She has really been
through a lot with surgery, radiation,
chemo and everything that goes along
with all that. Thanks so much!


Corisa said...

Prayers headed her! Get better soon Erma!


Karen Deborah said...

Sorry about your mom will pray. Man there was a lot of requests today!
I WANT a piece of PIE! Love this post, it is so gorgeous where you live!

Niki said...

I'll keep your mum in prayer.