Monday, July 6, 2009


So after all the fun activities in town we all loaded
up and went out to my brother and sister in law's
cabin. They had already spent the night out there,
came in for all the 4th of July activities, then headed
back out with their 3 kids. 

The views heading away from town...

Here we are pulling into their beautiful bay. We have a
drop bow boat, so the front drops down and we can go
right up to shore to let people and supplies out.

My husband and I went out in the kayaks to look around.
Here we are paddling between everyone's anchored boats.
The water is like glass!

The newly painted Alaska Airlines contest plane took off 
and flew right over us.

This is so much fun! We were able to just float along quietly 
and paddle as we felt like it because the water was so calm.

Here is a beautiful bay we pulled into. The water was
crystal clear and filled with starfish and sea anenomes.

The reflections were amazing! And talk about quiet, all
we heard was the birds in the trees and the lapping of
the water on the shoreline.

There is an eagle's nest right in this area and this guy
didn't mind us floating along out here. It took off after
this and snatched a fish right out of the water.

Ahhhh, the good life. This is only part of our tribe, the
rest couldn't make it on this trip. I am roasting the
marshmallows, my sister in law is making the s'mores,
kids are playing with sparklers, people are talking.
We were treated to freshly caught salmon and
halibut perfectly grilled on the cabin porch.

Does it get any better than this?

Just as we were pulling away at 10:00 pm to head home
the full moon decided to show his face. The perfect ending
to an incredible weekend!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

It looks like paradise too!!

I have enjoyed this respite with you a la kayak. I have a busy (maybe even gueling day) ahead of me. This peaceful moment with you, dear friend, will surely carry me through when the going gets tough today. Many thanks.

Until I found your site I had never a notion to visit Alaska. And I couldn't imagine why ANYONE would live there. I've peeked . . . now I know. I now entertain some NEW ideas . . . of the neighborly sort. What it would be like --

: D

Anita said...

As I sit here in Sydney, Australia - I love seeing the pics of where you live - it is just beautiful!

Karen Deborah said...

Wow how awesome, what a trip! That little cabin on the water looks like my dream home.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

My husbands BYU (church) Ward had a girl from Alaska last semister and she was darling and loved her state so much. Her dad brought incredible salmon for a cookout. You photos are beautiful!