Thursday, July 9, 2009


Did I tell you guys that we flew United Airlines this year from
Florida to Denver? Did I also tell you that they broke 3 of my
headvases that were wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and 
layers of tissue paper inside a hard sided suitcase with metal 
edges that was lined with 2 inch thick foam? I also registered the 
case as FRAGILE before we flew and covered the case with 
FRAGILE stickers. My other suitcase had TIRE TRACKS
down the middle of it and a SLASH in the back.

Thank you to Cori for the video--it kind of says it all.

High five to Sons of Maxwell!

Thumbs down to United!


Corisa said...

Boo united....alot of someones don't care! But kudos to this guy at beating them at their games@!

Karen Deborah said...

thumbs up Southwest! The other airline that I really HATE is DELTA, they think nothing of stranding you by canceling your flight. usually they make up some dumb excuse but it's because the flight doesn't have enough passengers.

I hope they reimburse you for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I sooo needed a laugh today! That song is great. Let's hope he makes a ton on the song - or least enough for a new guitar. :)-Allison

mary said...

When we flew home from China in 2003, we returned to find that not only had our luggage been opened and rummaged through, but someone had apparently spilled their soft drink in our suitcase and ruined a lot of the silk things I had purchased - aaaaggh! They also broke Molly's little chinese tea set. I'm not bitter or anything - lol!