Sunday, July 5, 2009


I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!
We had a wonderful time with gorgeous weather and
many fun activities. The fireworks show is put on
here on the 3rd of July instead of the 4th. The man
that runs it lives in another town, as a result our 
show is on the 3rd so his town's can be on the 4th. 
He does an amazing job with spectacular colors
and state of the art fireworks.

The show didn't start until 11:30 because it
just isn't very dark until then. The next day
we had the annual parade downtown, which
is always fun because pretty much the entire
town shows up.

The Coast Guard outdid themselves this time with a
triple fly over the parade crowd.  3 helicopters, 3 times!

After the parade the Coast Guard did a water rescue
demonstration for everybody. They hovered low over
the water...

dropped one person out...

then dropped a rescue swimmer to get him...

Got him!  Pull up, pull up...

...and into the safety of the helicopter they go! 

It's amazing how strong the spray was from 
the rotor wash, even where we were sittting.

Then we went over to see the water fight
between the Coast Guard and the Fire
Department. The weather was perfect for
getting wet, about 70 degrees.

It's pretty funny because it starts off with them trying
really hard to win, spraying the barrel and the crowd
is cheering them on.

Next thing you know the hoses are turned on the crowd
and everybody is running and screaming. I have learned
to stay back from the crowd because even if you don't
get wet there are always a few folks that realize they
are getting sprayed and they take off at a dead run and
will flatten you.

Uh oh. A casualty in the crowd. My poor little niecie-poo
is soaked to the skin. Looks like Grampa is pretty wet too.

Big brother looks wet too. And mad. That's how my face
looks when I get sprayed with cold water.

My sister is a firewoman helping to hold the hose.
I notice she stayed away from the end that was
spraying. In fact, she's the one that always tells
me to stand up front. Hmmmm....

Another annual tradition is the jumping off of the dock at
the harbor. Kids were lined up and some were doing
back flips off, fully clothed. I have never done it, but I
heard you better wear shoes because you don't realize
until you are in the water trying to climb out that the
ladder is covered with barnacles LOL!

We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather for
such a fun weekend.

After this we still had a full day left with a trip out to
my brother's cabin. Tune in tomorrow!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhh what fun!!!!!!!! 70 degrees OH MY!!!!!!!! i woudl love those temps... love the dock jumping!!!!!the coast guard is totally amazing! hummm me thinks your sister would like to wet you!

mary said...

What a wonderful, family-filled day! I always feel very blessed when I can have a holiday weekend with family, friends and perfect weather. Missy and I watched a movie last night that might have been filmed near you - so beautiful!!!!