Sunday, July 12, 2009


My husband and I had the opportunity present itself, so
we jumped on the fast ferry to Juneau for a couple of
days. I had 2 cake orders moved to a different day
and time, and he just finished 2 large jobs, so we 
thought this would be a great time to get the rest 
of the supplies to finish the kitchen.

We only have one place in town to purchase flooring
and their machine is broken with no projected fix
date, so we really had no choice but to find another
place to buy the linoleum. Without it we were stuck
as far as continuing with appliances, etc.

It was a very fast trip because we have to catch the
ferry on Thursday at 12:30 and the return ferry
leaves Saturday at 8:00 am. That pretty much
leaves Friday to do the serious shopping that we
needed to do.

Did I mention that I hate shopping?

Here is a picture of the Governor's mansion in Juneau
from our hotel. Boy, just think how much money I could
make with this picture if I leaked it to the media! I could 
tell them that Sarah Palin lives there sometimes and 
they could invent even more stories about something 
terrible she had done there!

Ahem, sorry, I've been reading too many newspapers 
this weekend.

I took this picture on the ferry when the captain announced
that there was a large, male Killer Whale on the left side
of the boat. Everybody ran to the windows to see. There
was a large group from Oklahoma on board and they
were rabid to see any kind of wildlife at all.

Back home again-really tired-but we needed to get the
flooring down so we can move the appliances out of the
bedroom. Here we are prepping the floor by scraping up
the little bits of paints and glue that were left behind and
pounding down any high nails so we don't have little 
bumps in the new flooring. I even used the vacuum
to get the tiniest bits of stuff.

This was difficult because the flooring just naturally wants
to bend and tear. Good thing it was really warm outside, I
think it made it easier to manipulate the vinyl.

The stinky glue...

Ta da! Doesn't it look nice and clean? That's
what I want, nice and clean, not designer colors.

We were able to purchase complete counters at
Home Depot that were on clearance. They were
regularly over $100. each and they were marked
down to $24.00. Yahoo! That left more $$ to buy
 a hand washing sink, which has to be installed
apart from the 3 dish washing sinks.

And we got a brand new stainless oven that was
on clearance as well. It was $1200 marked down
to half that and it matches the oven we already
purchased for the kitchen. My husband is going to
install them at my chest height, so no more
bending for my bad back everytime I use the

Our bedroom.    Sigh.

Just a little bit longer...patience, patience.


Karen Deborah said...

i am in the same boat but you know it is going to be so awesome when it's done. Have you ever read a novel titled "Eat Cake?" If not you would love it.
I'm going to paint the floor in my "new" laundry room unless some good deal on linoleum presents itself. I'm with you. We all need to baton down the hatches and economize. Maybe our government will get the idea.
Very cool on the deals you got, God is good!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I love your new flooring (looks just like what I have) -- it is resilient, rustic chic, and tidy looking (even when it isn't).

I'm so excited for you and your bargains. I always thought it would be SO FUN to shop for new items in a remodel. NOT! I updated the kitchen (appliances, flooring, etc.) after we moved in -- WORK! And then we did a MAJOR remodel of the bathroom like your kitchen -- LOTS OF WORK!!! Yes, it's beautiful and I'm so glad but . . . UGH the mess!

Looking SO FORWARD to the "after" pics with you and a cake and a BIG smile. : D