Sunday, April 5, 2009


We have been quite preoccupied with the Herring Fishery and
all the activity that is going on in front of our house and out on
the ocean. It seems like once the herring hit the flip is switched
and everything starts coming back to life.

My sister came over the other day to see the progress on the new
kitchen and just as we were looking out the window we both saw
a Humpback Whale breach completely out of the water! In the
following video I found on You Tube the very beginning shows
exactly what we saw:

The bubble nets that the whales use to feed were captured in
photos right here in Sitka Sound by a friend of my sister's while 
out on his boat:

And along with watching all of this right out of our windows, we 
get to hear the whales singing ALL NIGHT LONG! You cannot 
believe how loud they are even with the windows closed. I love
hearing them, it is so cool to be in the midst of these amazing 
animals, even if it is hard to sleep  LOL

Give a listen to the beautiful song of the Humpback Whales:

The kitchen is progressing quickly, with the next step being
electrical and then plumbing. Photos tomorrow--I promise!


mary said...

What a wonderful sight (and sound) your whale buddies must have made :) I am glad that all is well in beautiful Alaska. Our upcoming kitchen remodel might have to wait awhile - our daughter got engaged this weekend!!!! We are super excited and love Dan and his family very much. Enjoy your week, and don't forget to post some kitchen pictures. I will just live vicariously through your new kitchen!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Aren't they incredible??? Thank you for sharing the videos, we loved listening to the whale songs

Alyssa said...

Joshua says COOL!!!!!!

Trudy said...

Oh my--what a blessing to have such beauties of God's hands in your daily view!! Of course, if we just look around--all of us can see some of the works of His hands!!
By the way, I got here from fresh fixins--I've just been following her blog for a little while.