Monday, April 6, 2009


Well I am finally getting to the point where I can actually
visualize the new kitchen! We spent some time down
there today laying out where everything is going to be.
I would be a terrible architect or engineer--I cannot
see something flat on paper and understand where
it will be in real life. I have to have it drawn out or
better yet, laid out in real life!

My poor husband takes the time and measures
everything out, then draws it with a sharpie on 
the floor so I can make a feeble attempt  to
figure out where I want everything to be built.

How come I don't have this problem when it
comes to decorating food?!

Working on getting all the wiring in place for the electrician.
We were in the hardware store today talking with salespeople
to get the supplies. I stood and listened to them discuss the
different wires, voltages, amps, etc and all I heard was
qweiu wekfig  to the  oe;lf [peiw, djgoo,  and rpotyosl
for the  tiewrpogml and install weporpumbmssjddd
if you bvmsdfkp on the lctv2surt  breaker etc............

Yay--the ceiling's framed in the kitchen! There is a lot
of time and work here, even though it doesn't look like it.
The roof is sloped to accommodate the deck above and
of course for water runoff, so the ceiling had to be brought 
back to level. The right wall is the one that connects to the 
garage and all of that exterior wafer board was removed 
and both windows taken out and then covered.

Looking into the left half of the master bedroom. The panel
door is our bathroom. This ceiling was lowered to make
the room feel more cozy and warm. The ceilings were very
high so all the heat rose up and made the room feel chilly.
This doorway we are looking through will have a pair of 
French Doors in it and I can't wait to see how they look.

This view is taken as you look into what used to
be the master bedroom. This room was so huge
that it was always drafty, so as part of this remodel
my husband framed up this 4th bedroom inside of 
the master. The door to the bedroom is on the left. 
The hallway continues down, our master bedroom 
is on the left with the kitchen entrance on the right.

I had fun last week making a 2 year birthday cake
for a customer. When she asked for a "Backyardigans"
cake I had no idea what she was talking about since
my kids are teen and pre teen. I looked online
and found all kinds of pictures about these cute
animals that spend their time in the backyard.
The cake was white with strawberry filling, vanilla
buttercream frosting and all of the decorations
are cut by hand from homemade edible 
marshmallow fondant. Fun stuff!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Well, just so you know, I have the same problems. When we built our house, Rob had to use masking tape so I could visualize the size of closets, rooms, cupboards etc. I always say I am "spatially disabled", but also like you have no trouble visualizing for decorating etc. The cake is beautiful, I've never even heard of edible marshmallow fondant, but it looks great!
Have a good week

mary said...

It is exciting when the walls are up and you can get a sense of what the finished rooms will look like. It almost makes me wish we were in the midst of a major remodel again - almost! That is the cutest cake ever!!!! You are an amazing cake girl :) If the wind doesn't stop blowing here, I may get on a plane for Alaska. It blew 70 mph on Saturday and really hasn't stopped blowing since then - yuck! You are looking at whales and I am looking at brown sky :)

pam said...

The cake is amazing. I sent it to Re to show The Girl. I like when you post stuff you bake!

Oh, and I am on my way to shoot up there ;) But I had little warning as to how loud that gun was, wish my dad would have told me BEFORE I shot it! Next to blew my eardrum out.