Friday, March 27, 2009


Where do the days go? I can't believe another week
has passed. We have been busy here and when the
weather looks like this for days on end the time
seems to just blend together--kind of like the 
movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray
wakes up to the exact same day happening
over and over again...

We did have a touch of spring awhile ago and 
I thought maybe, just maybe, winter was
over. Kodiak, AK got 20 inches of snow this past
week and had their highway shut down. Denver
is in the middle of blizzards, Mississippi just
had a tornado pass through and North Dakota
is in the middle of record flooding. What a
chaotic winter this has been!

This what is looks like outside the end of March. Aren't
there supposed to crocuses and daffodils???

My daughter's school held their very first science fair
last week. This is her display "How Planets are Created"
She made it all herself--the planets are styrofoam balls
surrounded by brown sugar glued down.

I love that shirt she is wearing. It looks like cammo,
but if you look closely it is bears in different colors.

My niece was also part of the science fair and her display
proved that she could get a hard boiled egg into a
bottle without having to touch it. Dad helped with the 
part where you have to light the paper on fire. It
worked great and she said the egg "bibbled" as it
went down into the bottle.

I have windows in the new kitchen! This is where I will 
spend a lot of my time--I am so glad I have something 
beautiful to look at. I think this is where my sink will go.

I am still trying to figure out the best thing for the 
middle of the kitchen to be my long worktable. Costco 
carries the perfect sized stainless steel table for a great 
price, but they won't ship them here. I can have them 
shipped to my parent's in WA, but then how to get 
them here @49 lbs each...

Tearing out the old wall and support beam into the master
bedroom. The kitchen entrance is to the right. There was
a slight mishap with a beam during this process and the
BRAND NEW WINDOW to the right of my husband got
broken. Sigh. Oh well, thank goodness it wasn't a person
that fell through the window!

The Sitka Sound Herring Sac Roe Fishery opened this
week. Did any of you catch the show about this last week 
on National Geographic? My brother Keith had his name 
listed in the credits on TV--pretty cool! This is part of the 
fleet going by our house. I lost count at 60 boats.
The Humpback Whales are thick out there--everywhere 
you look there are whales, sea lions, eagles and seagulls 
gorging themselves on the herring. I was even fortunate 
enough to be looking out the window just as a pair of 
Killer Whales went by. That doesn't happen very often, 
what a treat to see them.

My younger daughter turned 12 on Wednesday.
She picked these colors and I made chocolate
cake with strawberry filling and matching
cupcakes. The flowers are edible, made from 
marshmallow fondant.

It seems to me like she was just
having her 2 year old birthday party!

Wow--I must be getting old.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

what a beautiful view! No advice on tables but you have one talented hubby And I love wood stuff... :) glad no one was hurt and LOVE the cake HAPPY birthday miss 12!!

mary said...

I love your new kitchen window! It looks we are both seeing a lot of snow out of all our windows :)

I agree about the crazy weather. Our schools were cancelled for today - the crazy part is that they announced the cancellation yesterday afternoon when it was sunny and 70 degrees! The wind has created 9 foot drifts out of 12inches of snow. Thankfully, Randy and I had stacked enough wood outside the back door to get us through the "blizzard of 09".

I love the birthday cake! You are amazing:) We will be having a very special event in our family sometime in the next year. I wish I could figure out a way to ship a big cake from Alaska to Texas!

Stay warm!

Karen Deborah said...

It might be cold but I envy the beauty!

Caution Flag said...

I suspect that your house would be devastating to someone with ADHD. I would never get a thing done with that view. Never. Nor would I remember having looked out that window all day. BUT I would have enjoyed every second of it while I was doing it.

Belated happy birthday to the 12 year old. Twelve is a fantastic age! Now hurry up and turn 13 so we can see your next cake :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

you are a busy bunch! Love the cake.

pam said...

I want to cook at your house. I think there must be something awesome about meals created with the mountain in the distance. Beautiful cake as always.

Gina said...

Hi Kris,

All I can say, is NEAT NEAT NEAT! for all photos! Baking to landscaping etc!

Everything is going to be fantastic at the end of it all!

Was in touch with Cathy; and she asked me to take some more photos of the Ladies and post them on my blog. Perhaps you received my email with some info, which may be of interest (would love it to be!) to you and / or others you know of! This am, I have attempted to take 14 additional pics! After all these years of passionate collecting, I am going to 'pass them on' to someone else who is just starting out and / or shares the same enthusiasm!

Hope all is well!