Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love this lady! I started watching her videos on cooking during
the Great Depression on You Tube and now I'm hooked. Clara 
is 91 years old and tells stories of her childhood while she's 
cooking great tasting, simple meals that she grew up eating.
I hope I look half this good at 91 years old!

My favorite story she tells is how they used to all gather at 
someone's house to listen to that person read a book. No radio,
no TV or computers, just a person reading a book. She talks 
about what a treat that was and how you had to bring a blanket
to stay warm and something to drink.

Here she is showing how to make Pasta with Peas for dinner.
There are several links to her other videos on the sidebar of 
the website if you go to You Tube. Enjoy!


Becky said...

Looks fun. I love listening to old folks tell about their childhood. I'll have to go into town to watch some of her videos (my dial-up is too slow).

Alyssa said...

All I can say Is Wow, or double wow! How coll is that!! Thanks for sharing! Cori

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Dearest Kris,

Your sweet words of encouragement on my blog of late have been such a blessing. E-Hugs are GREAT! For now, we are in a peaceful place with laughter and calm. God is so GOOD!

* * *

I LOVE CLARA! Thank you for introducing her to me. Without TV and little interest in YouTube I have missed out on meeting her sooner. She reminds me of my great-grandma with her owl cookie jar and her foil-wrapped electric burners. My "Mammy" would have called it "macaroni" but I'm sure we ate similar things at her table. She was a GREAT cook and SUPER FRUGAL. She ran a boarding house for young men attending the teacher's college. Oh, the sories she would tell! I think I should post a few entries about my special, special "Mammy." You have inspired me . . . as usual.

Thanks, my sweet friend. : D

Karen Deborah said...

I haven't met Clara and she is a treat! I love LOL's which used to mean little old ladies before internet speak. My Grandma was a great story teller. I think many of the people who lived then were because they created and produced instead of just consuming. There it is again, less can be more.

Caution Flag said...

How do you find such interesting videos?

Hurry up with that kitchen so you both can come to Michigan and help me with my house! Please?

Karen Deborah said...

Kris thank you for the idea about trying to get free scrap granite, we have a place close by. Maybe we can mosaic something together. I want to make a really big table.
great idea!!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I'm a big Clara fan, watched all the videos on youtube...she's great!