Monday, January 5, 2009


Alaska Airlines sponsored a contest to celebrate the 50th year of
statehood for Alaska in 2009. The winning student's artwork
would be painted on an Alaska Airlines jet, plus the Grand Prize
is a vacation for 4 to Disneyland--how cool is that!?

The winner is Hannah Hamberg from right here in Sitka:

¨Growing up in a small town in Alaska, I've seen how Alaskans 
work together and help each other. My design was inspired by
the way that we all ‘pull together.’

I made my first rough sketch on the ferry riding from Juneau
to Sitka, where after lots of thinking, I came up with the idea
of a musher being pulled by several sled dogs. I looked at my
sketch and thought about all the amazing things that surround
me every day; the wild animals, the people and culture, and I 
realized that there was something missing. 

I thought my design would be better if I replaced some of the
dogs with symbols of things that make Alaska the special place
it is: the ferries, the native people and their culture, the bears
and the whales, and of course the head sled dog to lead us to 
the finish line. I can't wait to see the finished plane land at the
Sitka airport!¨

— Hanna Hamberg, Grand Prize Winner
(Grade 11, Sitka High School)

You can visit the official website here and see all of the other
excellent artwork submitted by Alaskan kids.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

how totally awesome is that CONGRATULATIONS Hannah!

Becky said...

Thats great! I love the idea and the drawings. What an insightful young lady.

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing that! Good on her!

Caution Flag said...

I love that design. What a talented girl she is.

mary said...

What a beautiful design! Mason, Molly and Madelyn LOVE to draw. Unfortunately I put the art supplies in the hall closet. Everytime I walk through the house, I have to step over little artists and their supplies :)

Janette said...

I always wondered if you lived in Sitka. My husband worked for the forest service on the islands off your course for nine summers in the 70's. He always talks about those times and how much he loved it there.
Congrats to Hannah as well.