Thursday, January 8, 2009


We are definitely in the throes of winter now, with lots of snow 
on the ground and more falling everyday. The temperatures have 
been in the teens and then the sun comes out during the day. 
Yesterday the sun came streaming out and the ocean had steam 
rising off of it! I have seen that many times on lakes and ponds, 
but never a body of salt water. Click the pictures to make large:

The mountain is glorious with a covering of pure white snow.
See the steam rising?

Uh-oh. The not so neat part about snow and icy roads...I had 
just come home about 5 minutes before this and mentioned 
how icy the roads were. We don't get very many accidents here,
so when something does happen the response is immediate 
and numerous. The person from the car was standing there 
and I counted 18 people within 5 min. that showed up to help.

Look what I got for Christmas from my husband! I 
have already made noodles for chicken noodle soup  
with it and after tasting fresh pasta I am afraid I will 
never buy store bought again! It is super simple to use, 
my younger daughter and I made the noodles in a short 
time with just eggs and flour.

When I get back from Florida I am going to try 
decorating a cake with fondant and the pasta maker will
be a big help in getting the fondant flat and I can also use
it to cut strips and pieces. Now all I need is a birthday to
make it for  LOL


Becky said...

LOL... you can make my daughters birthday cake. Her Bday is the 28th. I would love to make pasta, looks like fun. Mmmm...chocolate pasta, it exists right?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cory will be 21 on the 18th of jan :D

mary said...

I love my pasta maker too! Hey - my 50th birthday is this month :) Have a wonderful trip to sunny Florida.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Since finding your little bloggy spot I am captivated with the idea of coming to Alaska. My only other source from Alaska painted a bleak and painful picture (she was a hurting and hurtful person) which clearly reflected more on her view of life than the Alaskan landscape and lifestyle.

You, my dear, speak volumes of delightful PR for your corner of the world. I love peeking and dreaming of coming someday . . .