Monday, December 29, 2008

WHAT'S LEFT OF 2008...

I didn't think it was possible for time to go any faster 
than usual, but here it is almost 2009 and I barely 
remember 2008! We had a quiet Christmas Eve 
dinner and an even quieter Christmas this year. In 
past years we have been so involved with activities 
that it all turned into an unrecognizable blur. It felt 
good to just sleep in, cook casually and spend some
slow time together.

We finally have a bit of snow! The rest of the country
 has been buried and here we sit with just a light dusting
 of powder--weird. The temperatures have hovered
in the 20's-30's, it's the cold winds that I don't like that 
bring the wind chill down to the teens or lower.

The small lake in the middle of town has frozen over and 
was officially declared safe by the fire department for skating
 and walking. It's neat because the local rental yard donates 
their huge outdoor lights so everyone can skate at night. Well,
 so they can skate during the day too since it is dark at 3:00 now! 

My brother Keith took this shot with his fantastic new camera--
check out the light layers he captured--pretty cool, huh?

I took this in our living room right before Christmas. 

God is a genius with colors, wouldn't you say?

My husband gave me a pasta maker for Christmas and I can't 
wait to try it! It will be very useful for noodles and such, but I 
also am going to use it for making fondant pieces to decorate 
cakes. Up until now I have always made everything by hand, so
 I am looking forward to having a machine to help me.

I also found a recipe for an Orange Coconut Cake that is 
supposed to be out of this world with flavor and extremely 
moist, so check back for that to be posted shortly.

My older daughter gave me a new apron:



Laura ~Peach~ said...

very cool Ice skating the painting God made what a great camera! and love love the apron!

mary said...

We had a brief snow storm on Saturday, and I thought of you and wondered if you had any snow yet. What a beautiful lake for skating! Tell your daughter that I love the apron she bought for you. She must have a wonderful sense of humor :) I have often bit my tongue to keep from saying those exact words! Have a wonderful, relaxing week with your precious family.

Karen Deborah said...

we need all low calorie fat free, delicious deserts for dieters, I can't gain another pound, but first I'll eat this chocolate/peppermint truffle....
orange coconut? warn me to stay out of your kitchen...

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Happy New Year, Sweet Friend!

I bumped into so many "helpers" in my kitchen this past holiday time, but it was wonderful (for a short period, that is). In celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas (which continues around here) I have enjoyed picking a different country each night. We feasted on Greek, French, Italian, Mexican, Good Old American, and so much more! Food is my gift to everyone . . . AND THEY LOVED IT!

Karen Deborah just left yesterday -- scones, biscuits, decadent pork stew, sausage/apple/onion skillet, deviled eggs -- we really celebrated and washed it all down with a variety of tea. It was wonderful!

Can't wait to see your fondant creations. Here's to good cooking and great friends in the New Year! : D