Sunday, June 8, 2008


It feels good to have a day off on Sundays! We have a good friend of the family visiting with us for 6 weeks and we are having fun with him. We went to church then visited my
sister and her family for a little bit and they gave us some clams. They looked
so good that my husband took the kids and went to dig more because of the
minus tides we are having. The clams are everywhere! Big ones or small, they
are abundant here. The dogs were fascinated by these strange creatures.

After that we drove up to Blue Lake reservoir where the town's water comes from.
If you see True bottled water in your grocery store, Blue Lake is where it comes
from. The road was just reopened after 2 avalanches this last winter and spring.
You can see how deep it was across the whole road and it is still snow underneath the debris that it drug down the hill with it. This little truck gives you an idea of the size of the avalanche.

We saw the 2 bears in their enclosure and then went over to Whale Park. The
challenge was to climb up the whale tail and guess who succeeded? The climb
down to the water wasn't bad and the views are wonderful but the climb back up
caused a little leg burning! Ignore that young man in the middle of the 2nd photo--it wasn't
THAT hard (yes Jane, that's your son)

We drove around one of the prettier neighborhoods looking at people's boats.
Not a bad little skiff, huh? LOL

Hopefully the weather will continue to improve and we can really get out and enjoy the outdoors. I am looking forward to net dipping salmon after the 4th of July and possibly visiting the bird sanctuary out on Puffin Island.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

looks like a wonderful time! You Have jackets on I am so jealous lol... summer starts june 20th... it was 100 degrees today... I will WHINE all summer now !
HUGS Laura

mary said...

What a wonderful day with your family! It must be so fun to have all of that beauty just outside your door. Our summer has started off soooooo hot and windy. I love that you are still in sweaters and jackets. Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great time! Lovely pictures as always! I enjoy seeing them so much!



Pam said...

So chickie poo... do you have a good clam chowder recipe? I have never messed with fresh clams, but I love clam chowder. I like Ivar's, and have often thought it's just a thick white sauce and could not be that hard to make. I make a bake potato soup and I think it's probably as simple as adding the clams, but I have no clue how to even handle them etc. We actually have pretty fresh seafood here for being inland, all of the east coast seafood for the most part traffics through the local city's strip district, so I am sure I could get some good clams. Talk to me chef lady...