Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My nephew participated in the 2008 Salmon Derby last month. He caught an 18.3 pound king salmon on a fly rod and fly set up. The prize for turning in the largest king caught on a fly rod and fly set up was a 10 wt. Sage rod and a 10 wt. Ross Reel with line. He won that prize, and $50 in a door prize. The rod and reel set up with line is worth about $700 retail value! 

First prize in the Salmon Derby this year was $5000. and 2 round trip tickets to Seattle. It was won with a 48 pound salmon.
There were a ton of prizes awarded in several categories--literally something for everyone!

The next event is a fishing derby on the small lake in town that my younger daughter will be entering. The lake was stocked with fish a couple of weeks ago by airplane, so there should be plenty of fish for everyone to catch in there. Will be fun!


Niki RuralWritings said...

beautiful! I bet it will taste great too! Tell him to share with you guys and try my Salmon with Maple Sugar recipe, and don't forget to invite me :)

Karen Deborah said...

that is stinkin cool. do you get to help cook and eat the salmon?
ask coffee bean for her recipe she makes a fabulous salmon dish with a fresh veggie topping that is to die for.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Well....that's the drawback to entering the derby. You have to turn in the fish! I think they process and sell them since salmon is selling for $8.00 a pound wholesale now.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Wow , thats awesome COngratulations Nephew!
I hope your daughter has a blast fishing ... I love to fish :)
Bummer on not getting to keep the fish he caught...
Hugs laura