Sunday, June 29, 2008


Keith called me this morning to say hi and let us know how he is doing.
He didn't have a lot of voice left for talking, but he did want to say thank
you for all of your thoughts and prayers concerning him. He says he'll
gladly take them all!

My mom took a few pictures while she was at the hospital yesterday:

Halo braces on his legs after the initial surgeries to repair the broken 
leg bones. The bars are attached to his legs with metal as traction so he 
can't move anything.

I didn't hear what this picture was about, but I am assuming they are 
measuring his breath capacity because of the constant threat of pneumonia 
when you are bed ridden.

What a process just to move the legs over.

He is very tired, but I think relieved it is all being fixed. He will be discharged 
tomorrow for 10 days and then it's back to the hospital for surgery on the ankles. 
I think they will know more after that and will have a better plan of attack.

Thank you for your prayers and (you knew I was going to ask!) 
Please keep them coming!

Thank you,   Kris

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Karen Deborah said...

Wow Kris, just getting back home and what news from you! They can fix him up. You are right about the blood clots, he will get tummy shots for that, and infection, #1 risk. That little gizmo is called an incentive spirometer. It gives the patient "incentive" to take a deep breath. It is a fancy gadget to replace the old fashioned, turn cough and deep breathe of good nursing care. Another thing he will need is to get off of his butt or he will break down and get a bed sore. Even with all that stuff on his legs he can be turned. Hopefully they are apying attention to his skin condition.
what an ordeal! you never know from day to day what can happen,
BUT GOD!!! Who is ABLE to KEEP.