Saturday, June 28, 2008


Thank you all very much for continuing to pray for Keith. I have 
received many nice emails asking about him and offering help. 
Thank you!

My mom is on her way down there to visit him today along with 
his mother in law who is a nurse, so I will know more details later 
tonight about his medical condition.

He has 62 stitches in his head and thank the good Lord no signs of
a permanent head injury and no signs of damage to his neck or back.

He was in surgery for a good part of the day yesterday for his legs. 
What they have done is stabilized the leg bones themselves that 
were broken and he is wearing halo (exterior) braces on his legs.

He has crushed both of his heels and the bone fragments have 
been pushed up into the rest of his feet and if I understand correctly, 
that will be the next thing to work on.

They have already told him to expect to be in Seattle a month for 
the initial surgeries and treatments. His sister in law lives there and 
has contacted a carpenter to build a wheelchair ramp onto her house.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as the process to 
rebuild his feet begins. My younger brother could use prayer covering 
too, as he will be trying to keep their business going during the busiest 
time of the year.

Thank you everybody for the support!



mary said...

What a precious family you have - everyone is pitching in and loving and helping - just as a family should. We will keep praying.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow Thank God that there is no neck or back injuries and that he is on the way to what i am sure will be a long process of healing... we will keep him and all of the family in our prayers.
HUGS laura