Friday, June 27, 2008


Thank you everyone for your prayers for Keith. What a relief to know 
that he is covered in prayer right now by so many people.

Here is what happened:

He was on a ladder and lost his balance yesterday while painting a 
house. He grabbed a vent on the side of the house and it wasn't nailed 
in, so when he felt himself falling he turned around and jumped thinking 
he could roll out of the jump.

Unfortunately, right where he jumped there is a bed of flowers landscaped
with pavers and that's what his head crashed into. When he hit the ground
with his feet he braced himself and landed in such a way that he has crushed
both of his ankles and part of the leg bones.

A trauma team was sent up from Seattle yesterday while we were at the
hospital and they took him by jet back down to Harborview Hospital. It
is the premier trauma hospital, so he is in good hands.

He was in surgery until 2:00 am for the injury to his head. I did talk to
him this morning for about 2 minutes and he asked for prayer.

They are now prepping him for the first of 4 surgeries on his legs.

Please continue to pray for him and his wife and their daughter who is
still up here, home on school vacation. He has a long haul ahead of him
and will have to learn how to walk again. Infection and blood clots are
also a major concern once he starts on the long road to recovery.

Love you guys,



pam said...

Oh Kris, so sorry this all happened. God's grace be with you all as you face this heartache. I am sure His hand is on your brother during this pain. He has protected him thus far, and will continue to as he faces the next stage of this trial. Sometimes it's hard to see, but really, he has survived something others might not have been strong enough to. Praise the Lord for this! I don't have much of a voice right now, but you have my number if you need me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kris,

Thank you so much for the update ~ I have been thinking about and praying for Keith. We are adding him to our church's prayer chain.

Praying for you and the rest of the family as well.

Hugs to you,


Laura ~Peach~ said...

WOW how horrid, God bless and keep you all! You and Keith will remain in our prayers!
Keep us posted please.
HUgs Laura

mary said...

Sweet Kris,
What a terrible accident! I am so thankful that Keith has had such wonderful medical care. Continue to keep us informed about his progress. We will keep praying!