Sunday, May 11, 2008


If you are reading this Mom--Happy Mother's Day to you! I tried calling you earlier in
the day and then later when I got home but you were already sleeping. The time change
gets me every time!

I had a good day being treated very special. We went to church and all of the mothers
were presented with a beautiful mug and matching devotional. The pastor's sermon
was on Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman. When we got home my girls made a special
brunch of waffles with fresh strawberries and real whipping cream. Plus they got me a
big box of my favorite treat of all--Junior Mints! My younger daughter made me a
special coupon book in church that has pull out coupons for painting my nails, watering
the plants, making dinner & doing the dishes. My older daughter gave me the beautiful
bouquet of flowers in the photo and they all gave me the gorgeous purple Calla Lillies.

My dad purchased plum trees for us 4 kids that arrived here this Friday on the barge.
My husband took some time today to plant it in the yard and our little neighbor girl was
fascinated watching him operate the tractor. It was fun to see her examining the mechanisms
and staring at his hands working the gears.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I hope your day was especially nice.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we did enjoy the same day! I noticed it too, and thought it was funny how many similarities we had :) One thing you might not have been able to see in my picture was the coupon packet that my youngest daughter made me for gardening, drying the dishes, sweeping and mopping, and dusting and vacuuming! My son's fiancee gave me the lily. It is so pretty ~ do you know what kind of care they need?



Karen Deborah said...

We had a great day too. I came home from church and ate TWO big bowls of black cherry chocolate chip ice cream. That was lunch, it felt so good to be bad. Then we went to the mall and had a girls day out. Will fruit trees thrive in your climate?

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Karen--hopefully this Plum tree will grow. Lots of people grow vegetables here and there are several greenhouses where people grow fruit. I think as long as we mulch it heavily it will survive winter!