Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I received my books from Amazon that I talked about a few posts ago. They are
even better in paperback than the hardcover I checked out of the library. (I am
such a sucker for brightly colored photos and easy to read text!) I just
started skipping through and found a fascinating article about foods we eat
having "contractive" and "expanding" properties. Certain expansive conditions
like sugar cravings and addictions can be treated with contractive foods. Isn't
that interesting?

The contractive food the article raved about was Umeboshi Plum Paste
The article reads: "This remarkable paste is made from a species of apricot 
and is used as a food and medicine in China, Japan and Korea. Umeboshi 
Plums are basically pickled plums. They are highly valued for their anti-
bacterial properties and as a digestive aid. Their powerful acidity has an 
alkalinizing effect on the body, neutralizing fatigue, stimulating the digestion 
and promoting elimination of toxins. Perhaps their most remarkable 
feature is their ability to dampen your desire for sugar! So get yourself a 
jar and the next time you have a serious sugar craving just dip your little 
finger in the jar, lick it off and see how fast it goes away."

I am headed to my health food store tomorrow a.m. and see if they have 
this stuff! I may have to order it, but either way I'll let you know what I think...


Karen Deborah said...

If it works I want a case. First I want to know if it tastes good. I'm giving up ice cream starting today. My husband quit and he dropped 8 pounds around his waist in no time.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

The article said the taste is absolutely delicious. I'll let you know what I find out today at the health food store.

Yep--ice cream will do your waistline in for sure. Try making smoothies in your blender and freezing them in children's popsicle makers (like the kind you get from Tupperware) It tastes just as good as ice cream without the bad of ice cream.

I feel kind of blessed I can't eat ice cream. It gives me a terrible stomach ache instantly. Although I will sacrifice and put up with the pain for black licorice ice cream or real rocky road with nuts and marshmallows.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, Love me some umeboshi, sometimes just straight or with a little Japanese mint leaf on some seaweed. I think I'll have some tonight.

-Jen K.