Monday, May 19, 2008


I saw this little metal sculpture sitting high up on a file cabinet in the 
chiropractor's office. It struck me as unique and I have an opinion what
it means. Now I have shown it to a couple of other people and they said
something completely different from what I thought. 

What do you think it means?


Karen Deborah said...

OK I think maybe that one woman is equal to 3 men, probably in jobs. i wouldn't agree with that idea by the way. The teeter totter is balanced. Do you know?
I loved your comment on my blog, thanks

Alyssa said...

my first thought was the same as above... but then at a 2nd look she appears to be praising....maybe she a prayer warrior?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I dont have a clue... I made oreo cheese cake today... the police station says it is YUMMMM, I will try some tonight... cory says he likes the kahula cheesecake better LOL.
Hugs laura

LadiesoftheHouse said...

My first thought was also 1 woman=3 men in pulling her weight, but I do like Cori's idea that she is a prayer warrior!

pam said...

I think she's saying "Oh Lord am I sick of MEN... the WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM!"

Karen Deborah said...

well, what is it supposed to mean?
the prayer warrior idea is very COOL, now that is positive thinking.

Jane said...

Ok, my immediate response was, "Huh, see, it takes the strength of three men to compare to the strength of one woman! Then the more I thought about it I thought, maybe it means that nothing can compare to the strength of one individual whose praise and worship is in Christ.

Jane said...

Hey, Kris. I just had a thought! You should see if the artist's name is on that metal sculpture and if it is see if you can contact him/her and find out what their thinking was when they made it. Might be kind of interesting! Another thought:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = one free, spirit-filled believer.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Jane--you may be right! I really like the Father, Spirit, Son idea! I looked at the bottom and there is no mark or signature anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Looks like an artist saw some people on top of a tree,
trying to balance on a log??
I think family is sitting on left and they are joined in
watching mother either praising God or
yelling at them " what were you thinking?"