Saturday, February 9, 2008

INARCO E-1950 5 1/2 Inch Lady Head Vase Dated 1961. Several of the Japanese companies manufactured
Christmas lady head vases and I think this is one of the prettiest. I love her blonde ringlets!


Niki RuralWritings said...

I'm really enjoying the vase pictures. I've never actually seen one and hadn't even heard of them until your blog, but I always enlarge the pictures and am amazed at the detail!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

I am so glad you like them Niki! They are so beautiful in person, very fragile and delicate. Even men like looking through my collection when they come here. Maybe you'll see one or two in your antiquing outings sometime.


Cathy said...

Ooooh - I like Xmas head vases - let me know if you decide to sell it