Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When we moved we inadvertently left my pot rack hanging from my kitchen ceiling--unbelievable!
I was so stressed out that I didn't even notice it hanging up there and I didn't realize it until I started
unpacking the kitchen at the new house which of course, is several hundred miles away.

My husband welded together this nice one so I can get my pans organized again. I love it and almost
everything fits. I sure enjoy having all of my cooking utensils at my fingertips. Not everyone likes it
though, especially those unfortunate people who are shorter than 5 foot 7. Hey, in our family that is
considered SHORT.

Now what in the world do I do about my pile of lids? No, really. I haven't got a clue. Every time I go
to use one they all cascade down the countertop and scare everyone to death with the racket. Help!


pam said...

I think I need one of these. I have for awhile. My husband thanks you for reminding me!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Well, I'm definitely short, so this is not the best idea for me, but it is a great use of space and everything is at your fingertips. I guess the lids need a drawer. Or you can buy those wire lid holder thingys that screw into the inside of the cupboard doors. That's probably the best idea. Try maybe Ikea online?

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Pam--tell your husband I said "You're welcome." Always glad to help out anyway I can (snickering)

Niki--good idea about putting the lids in a drawer. I will have to clean a large one out and see if they fit. Thanks for the idea!