Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have been battling a sore throat all week and then the dreaded hack and pounding sinuses
that usually follows. It is very hard for me to concentrate and get everything done that needs
to be done when I feel like my head is underwater, so I decided to take the time this morning
while my daughter did her math and give myself a Sinus Sauna.

It works beautifully to warm your sinus cavity up enough to get some drainage going and
finally get some relief! I used Peppermint tea, just opening up a bag and pouring into the
water. I also added a few drops of Lavender essential oil and it smelled wonderful.

You can see an excellent tutorial here by Herrick Kimball on how to take a sinus sauna properly.

My daughter couldn't resist giving it a whirl!


Our Red House said...

I hope you feel better soon Kris. That mint and lavender combination sounds lovely.

I posted your zucchini bread recipe today. The kids loved it.


LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks Kate--I already feel better after this!

I am so glad the recipe turned out good for you. Now you will find yourself seeking out zucchini so you can make it.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Have you every tried the same thing using Eucalyptus essential oil. Just a couple of drops in a bowl of hot (steaming) water is amazing!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

No, I have not tried that but I will get some from the health food store and try it. My head is better, but still no 100%. Thanks for the advice!