Monday, January 24, 2011


I survived the weekend! I had orders piled on top of
each other and I wasn't sure how I was going to get
them all done. My husband helped me deliver the
wedding cakes, my daughters mixed some dough
and cooked meals and that made it all click.

During 2 deliveries it was hailing and blowing
rain sideways.

I realized I hadn't posted any cake/cookie pictures
for awhile, so here are some that have gone out
the door. I am still having a hard time remembering
to take pictures! I just get so focused on finishing
the stuff and then I focus on delivering on time
and I usually realize after the fact that I never
took a picture.

Twice this weekend I dropped the cake off and
then had to go back inside and get a picture. DUH!

My niece's 7th birthday cake. The cake matched
her personality--bright and cute.

This was made to match the party plates and

Birthday cake for a young Red Sox fan.

Everyone here wants cammo--even on their baby cakes!
She asked me about shotgun shells around the border...
I discouraged it.

High school girls volleyball end of year cake.

Another new baby...

Lego cakes are popular (and very difficult!)

A bachelorette party cake. I don't do "naughty"
cakes, this is about as racy as I will make.

The mom added a toy train to the top of this cake later.
The sides read Too Too Too.

Another new baby...

This was a fun cake because I received an email
the day after the party letting me know that the
customer's parents never had a wedding cake, so
they really enjoyed being able to cut this one and
pose for pictures at the anniversary party.
Everything is edible on this cake, even the
50 on top is made from sugar and painted
with an edible coloring.

For a birthday party with girlfriends at a nice restaurant.

Customer wanted lots of bright, bright flowers!

My sister's cake. It was a milestone birthday
but I don't like black cakes or morbid over
the hill themes so I made it bright and happy.

Wedding cake picked entirely by the groom.

My niece's 4th birthday cake. I got some
big smiles from her when this cake was
brought out!

Christmas cookies...

more Christmas cookies...

Monkey cakes--the small one is a smash cake for the
one year old to smash without wrecking the cake
everyone else is going to eat.

The local hospital's holiday cake.

These were part of a cookie platter present that a
husband ordered to surprise his wife--very thoughtful.

Dessert for a local luncheon I did. These were
white/lemon, chocolate/chocolate, white/chocolate
and chocolate/peanut butter.

First time I have made a bed cake. The customer
provided the toys. Everything except the toys is
edible on this cake, even the floor. Not that they
would eat the floor...

Wedding cake for a couple that were married
down south and then came back here to have
the reception.

Wedding cake for a couple that were married
out on a boat on a very stormy day. They came
back to town for the reception and I wonder
if the room was spinning for them the entire

Party cake for the local Russian dancers that perform
here during the summer. The theme of their party
was Red Carpet. The flower is made from sugar,
everything on the cake is edible except the
little things sticking out of the center of
the flower.

Birthday cake for a classy lady. This one smelled so
good when I opened the box--white cake with
raspberry filling and lemon buttercream. Yum.

Well that's it for now. I have 2 cookie orders to
complete today and then I think I will put dinner
in the crockpot and rest my aching legs. It was
a marathon weekend and I am ready to kick
back for a little bit :-)


Anonymous said...

I am suddenly craving cake...and I cannot figure out why......

Laura~peach~ said...

so beautiful I love them all but my absolute favorite is the wedding cake the groom designed... LOVELY!!!!!
you are soooo talented...
I made cinnamon buns this weekend... the oven helped with the rising still took a good hour I think I mayhave not let the yeast set long enough after adding it to the warm milk...
they are still delish and I froze one pan of them to cook later!

thank you again! :)

Karen Deborah said...

I am drooling. I KNOW how good this tastes! I'll take a piece of each please and some more of that "mushroom" coffee.

RSA Online said...

So I'm looking through all the pictures in this post going "oh yes this one is my favorite" *move down to next picture* "oh no wait THIS one is my favorite" *down again* "okay okay THIS one is DEFINITELY my favorite!"
Great cakes ;)

Kathy said...

WOW! I so enjoy when you post your baking photos. You are one talented lady. Beautiful creations!

Caution Flag said...

You have been SOOOOO busy! What a gift the Lord has given you :) An absolute gift.