Monday, February 7, 2011


We had a friend one time that I always thought had a
peculiar smell on her breath when I talked to her. Not
bad, just oddly sweet. I learned later that she had been
diagnosed with cancer and after reading this I wonder
if that is what I was smelling??

Dogs can sniff out cancer in people, but doctors are waiting for a machine to do it


Laura~peach~ said...

sweet smeling pee is indicitive of diabeties... smells are an important but often forgotten part of medicine :)
prayers for your friend!

Caution Flag said...

I am always amazed at how creative the Lord is in his work. Who would ever think that an animal could do that or could sense a seizure before it happens?

Anonymous said...

I had read that also yesterday....weird that they want to make machines that sniff it out instead of using the good dogs!

Karen Deborah said...

My first thought was diabetes. Cancer stinks. I would sure like some more of that mushroom coffee.

Keurig Mini said...

Mushroom coffee? Never heard of it, but sounds great! Wonder if they have any k cups for mushroom coffee to brew in my keurig b77 coffee maker?

Ah well, no matter.

It is interesting when you catch a whiff of someone's breath and wonder what those strange smells are. We have a friend with diabetes, but never noticed any strange breath, just some yellow coloring around his nose.