Saturday, December 25, 2010


Don't forget why we are celebrating!
Jesus, God's precious gift to all who
will believe in Him.


Anonymous said...

AMEN!~! Merry Christmas!!!

Laura~peach~ said...

OHHHHHH thank you so much... i waited HOURS today to make some yeast rolls ...they never did rise completely they taste good but are really heavy...
Merry christmas glad you got your card!!!!!!! :)
love nhugs Laura

Laura~peach~ said...

yep bradley loves the big bowl... it can spread out and be cool fast ... he is impatient waiting on things to cool and will lose interest in eating if it is too hot.
of course he is mr independant and wants no help even though he NEEDS help at times... he was funny trying to spear his beans with his spoon.
yes we got some snow not much but the fridged temps are whats so rough ... causeing black ice in places... am about to post some snow pics so come check em out... Yeah it is bizzare that it is snowing in Georgia below freezing in florida and no snow in alaska... very bizzare... I do believe the bible tells of such in the end times :) Come quickly Lord Jesus :)
ps i need baking lessons from you LOL I am still very much learning to bake :)