Monday, December 27, 2010


We had a great Christmas, with lots of family time
and LOTS of good food! It is always fun to get
together and celebrate this time of year.

We started off with the annual Gingerbread House
that everyone helps decorate:

Onto dinner! This year the menu was Mediterranean.
Everyone pitched in and we had Tabouleh, Pita Bread,
Chicken Satay (O.K., not Mediterranean, but it fit!)
Tzatsiki Sauce, Kibbeh and for dessert Baklavah.

I have no idea if I spelled those dishes correctly, all
I know is it was GOOD:

Pita Bread is simple to make--let me know if anyone
wants to know how and I will post the recipe.

P.S.--it helps to have a pizza stone to bake them on.

We had a real cold front come through and the
lake froze nicely so that everyone could get out
and skate. The local rental yard puts up some
huge outdoor lights so people can skate at
night too.

Christmas Eve was the 4 of us and we ate traditional
Polish, with Beet Soup, Pierogis and Grandma's
Gingerale Salad by candlelight:

I had a lot of help with the food this year.
I had a horrible throat cold and was feeling
pretty bad by the time Christmas rolled
around. I am just now starting to sleep
without coughing my head off. Man
that is exhausting!

Howz about them Onion Glasses??

Our older daughter made Grandma's Gingerale
Salad for the first time ever and she nailed it!
This salad is a big part of all family
gatherings and it is an accomplishment to
have it taste just like Grandmas.

YUM. Pierogis filled with mushrooms and onions.
I made enough so that we actually felt full of them:

The birthday boy on Christmas Day. Since Swan Lake
was frozen, the swans moved over to Starrigavan:

Having fun and learning how to ride a Fat Cat:

We had a little snow today for the first time this year.

Alaska with no snow. That's kinda Bah Humbug!!


Anonymous said...

ah....I SO miss Pierogis & Beet soup, the best part of Adams Birthday!!!

Caution Flag said...

Gingerale salad? Sounds interesting. Pierogis are so popular here in Michigan. Something about the copper miners taking them down into the mines years ago. I suspect yours taste better than the store-bought ones I get!

Glad you're feeling better.

Karen Deborah said...

Yum I want to eat it all! Your dinner is so beautiful.