Friday, December 31, 2010


Unbelievable. It is 2011 in a few short hours.

We don't have anything monumental
planned, in fact we may not even stay
up until midnight!

My mom has an appointment with
her doctor today to read the latest
results of her barrage of tests.

We are hoping and praying for a
clear bill of health so she can get
on with the new year and maybe take
some time to come & visit us without
having to get back for the dreaded
doctor appointments.

Out older daughter is down south
with the crazy drivers all around, so
here is hoping that she STAYS HOME
and off the roads tonight.

My husband is off hunting again. Most
days he is gone now, traipsing through
the woods with a friend or 2, looking for
things on hooves. We have snow on the
ground, so it is supposed to be easier for
them to track the beasts because they
can just follow the tracks through the
snow. Supposed to be easier.

All I know is I am glad the grizzlies
are sleeping :-)

On one of the last trips they went on
one of the guys he was with found a
grizzly skeleton. I guess it freaked
him out because he was by himself
when he came upon it. I wish he
had taken a camera with him so
we could all have seen it!

It is 10:45 and my younger daughter
just drug her carcass out of bed after a
late night playing games with family
and friends. We learned how to play
the game Wits and Wagers and after
a few fits and starts because none of
us knew how to play we ended up
having a lot of fun.

Well I don't have any orders today,
so I am free to make something just
for us. Or not. Hmmm...what sounds

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Karen Deborah said...

Sounds like a wonderful life in the wilderness! I'd like to see that skeleton too! Whatever your cooking it's going to be great!! Happy New Year to you too.