Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Get Out on the Water!

More beautiful weather has come our way so we
decided to get the work done and head out on
the boat!

This time we went out to one of the bays that
were a little bit farther away and we brought
the kayaks along.

My daughter getting the feel for her paddle:

My sister getting into her kayak:

It's not that easy from the boat. You need someone
to steady the kayak and you need to be coordinated
enough to stick both feet in at the same time and
then sit down quickly before it tips.

Whew--nobody got wet.

The view as I am heading out to explore the bay:

There is my daughter waaaaay over there by herself.
I didn't worry too much since she was wearing a life
jacket and the worst that could happen was she would
end up wet and someone would go over and help her
get back onto the boat.

The water is so clear you can see all the way down to
the bottom. There were thousands of clam and mussel
shells on the bottom and when we got closer to shore
we could see the bottom literally moving with hermit
crabs and small regular crabs.

Looking up at the beautiful forest surrounding the bay.
Once you stop paddling there is total silence. The
air smells so clean and fresh.

This was a neat contrast with the barnacles on top and
the mussels underneath the water:

Oh, and the prize that we came for--beach asparagus!

I learned about this when I saw a lady selling it at the
Farmer's Market. It grows wild (you just have to find
out where, of course) and it is easily picked and tastes
delicious! It is crunchy and a bit salty, perfect for
stir fry and adding to vegetable dishes. Can you just
imagine the nutritional value of this stuff, growing
wild and totally pollution free?

Yum! I took the risk of getting out of the kayak to pick
a whole bag for us to share. I didn't have a gun with me and
the bear factor is pretty high out here where people don't
go much, but hey, I'll risk my life for freshly picked
asparagus--wouldn't you? :-)

Even after picking a huge bag I stood back and looked at
the patch and I couldn't tell where I had picked it from.

Kinda cool looking kelp growing--no we didn't eat it.

We came across this huge slide--see where it starts
at the top? I noticed there are a lot of these all around
these bays. It must happen when we have the winters
with huge amounts of snowfall.

Oh my word--I've spotted Bigfoot!!!!!

See him to the left creeping out of the woods??!!


My brother in law stayed on the boat and fly
fished for humpies.

Heading back to the boat...ahhh, back to reality...

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Niki said...

Oh Kris, incredible pics!
Those asparagus remind me of our Garlic Scapes, they look very similar although I'm sure taste very differently!

One day we'll get to that beautiful state of yours!