Monday, August 9, 2010


It's been a busy couple of weeks as far as
cakes and with the Farmer's Markets
thrown in there too let's just say I have
been buying a lot of eggs!

Here are some of the cakes that have
gone out the door lately. I still forget
to take pictures sometimes, but I am
getting better at that.

I am thinking that at this weekend's
Farmer's Market I may bring cupcake
cups. I sold those at the big Artisan
Market in December and they were
a big hit. So big in fact that I ran out
immediately. And I had people
coming back looking for more.

What I do is make several flavors of
cupcakes and buttercream. I cut each
cupcake in half, put the bottom of a
cupcake in a clear cup, a layer of
buttercream, the top of the cupcake,
a layer of buttercream and then
repeat. Each cup gets a lid on top
to keep it fresh and I attach a spoon
to the side of the cup. It makes a
great portable treat that you can
eat as you are walking around or
you can buy several and give to
friends or take home for desert
that night.

The most popular flavor was the
dark chocolate cake with fluffy
white icing in the middle and the
whole thing topped with chocolate

For this weekend I am thinking
about these combos:

Dark Chocolate/Peanut Butter
White Cake/Raspberry & White
White Cake/Coconut Buttercream
White Cake/Lemon & White

These cups are $4.00 each,
which I think is a pretty decent
deal for 2 freshly baked cupcakes
in a to-go container nowadays.

Sounds good? Which one would
you buy?


Jane said...

Kris, once again, you amaze me. Your cakes are beautiful!!!! How do you keep up with it all?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to buy one of each...they all sound so good!

Kathy said...

commenting late. I would love the white/ raspberry. Such a great idea! May I copy this idea sometime? Your cakes always look so beautiful, perfect and yummy!