Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have so much to do today that I am finding ALL
sorts of things to distract me from getting started.
There is probably a video on You Tube poking
fun at that.

I just went and dropped a treat by for my husband
on the job site--Oatmeal Raspberry Chocolate Bars.
I am trying several new recipes out to decide what
to sell at the up and coming Farmer's Markets. I
am also going to make hand held Apple Pie
pockets--I think they will be very popular.

Some days I feel like this spider...

Then I do this to people and feel better:

Nah--just kidding. This is our older daughter testing for
her high red belt. She has another test coming in May,
then it's on to Black Belt. May is a big month for her...she
gets her braces off, turns 19 and heads out for a month
long vacation to WA state.

The bakery has been very busy with lots of diverse
orders rolling in. It's amazing to me what people
come up with! I even had to make Baklava this month
for a presentation on Turkey at the library:

If you ever feel like you don't have enough stress
in your life, just open a box of Phyllo dough and
try to make it behave (shudder)

I ended up asking for help from my husband (his
nickname should be The Problem Solver) and
we came up with a pretty good system for getting
it into the pan in one piece without wearing
it and tearing it.

I think I have figured out a solution for the time
being to start providing people with standing
order bread. I am asking for payment a month
in advance and for right now my delivery day
is Tuesday. So for $24.00 I deliver a freshly
made loaf of bread at around 3:30 every
week on Tuesday for a month.

If they are not home we agree on a safe spot
for me to put the bread and away I go to the
next customer. So far it is working fantastic
and my goal is to get 20 steady standing
order customers.

It has been a busy few weeks, hence the lack
of blog posts. I don't even take pictures of
every cake anymore, I just get busy and
forget! Here are some of the projects
that I remembered to take pictures of:

This was for a small wedding here in town. Now
this is my kind of cake! Chocolate cake, chocolate
buttercream, chocolate ganache & chocolate roses.
I had a lot of fun making this one--I love heart
shaped cakes.

That was a lot of cookies! 600 total for a barn dance
put on by the school.

Another fun one for a 2 year old. The dinosaur
is from the birthday boy's favorite book.

This was made to match a baby shower invitation.

For a 10 year old motorcycle-loving birthday boy.

A special cake for my niece turning 18. She
goes to school out of state and was on home
leave, so we celebrated a little late. She is
an Alaska girl through and through, so her
cake was all about living life up here:

Another Alaska cake for a 90 year old
that lives at the Pioneer Home. This
was also a fun one! They had me write
Keep On Reeling Em In on the cake.

Motorcycle cookies for the birthday boy's
classmates at school:

Check out some of those names--Quinlyn?
It seems like when I was a kid everybody was
named Tim and Rhonda and Bill--you know,
just regular old names. The little boy sitting
ahead of us in church on Sunday was named Riot.

Or maybe they said Wyatt?


Anonymous said...

Ryatt - you heard correctly. Last summer we heard of a girl in town named Viper. Yikes! - Allison

Jane said...

You absolutely amaze me!!! You are so talented and creative!! I'm assuming your kitchen and business have been a huge success! I'm so happy for you!