Thursday, April 29, 2010


Since it is staying light out now until 9:00 pm we
have a lot more opportunities to do things after
work and dinner.

My husband and I went out with my brother to their
cabin to install a woodstove. He and his family have
really been enjoying their cabin and with the addition
of the stove they will be even more comfortable.

The most committed step of course, is to cut the hole
in the roof:

I wonder if he saw his shadow?

X-Tra Tuffs working hard:

The herring eggs along the beach are deep and smelly:

2 hours later--voila!

Heading back we were treated to a beautiful sunset.
The water was dead calm, more like a pond than
the ocean. It puts a smile on your face!

Some pretty shots; the sun was setting as we
came through the harbor:


Mary said...

These pictures are just beautiful! I tell Randy at least once a week that we need to go to Alaska. I think that this year we will be in Africa, but there is always next year :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Beautiful as always!!!!