Friday, April 16, 2010


I love tortillas! I don't love the price!

So I went to a demo evening at the library
last year and a lady was showing how easy
it is to make your own. Her recipe was an
old traditional one (she was Mexican)
and it is made with oil. She said a lot of
them are made with lard, but she has
always used oil. Plus she rolled them
a little thicker than I am used to seeing.

As a result these are actually closer in
taste and texture to Pita Bread, which
is great by me. I love Pita Bread! They
fold nicely around your filling without
breaking open like tortillas from the
store usually do.

Fill these with some thinly sliced
chicken, sliced onion, tzatziki sauce
and tomato slices and you
come pretty close to a homemdae
Gyro Sandwich.

I make these in a hot cast iron frypan so
they are super easy and fast plus you
don't need any extra grease or oil for the
pan. They are really good the next day
for breakfast with some cottage cheese
and plum jam layered inside.


4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

Mix these together well.

Add 6 tablespoons of oil and mix thoroughly until oil is well

Add 1 cup very hot water and use a fork to mix it in. Add water
as needed until dough is no longer dry. You may need up to 2
cups of water, depending on how hot your water is (I used boiling
water) and the humidity where you live.

Mix into ball, add a little more water if too dry.

Knead dough for a minute or two then roll into small balls.
Each cup of flour makes 2 medium balls, so with this recipe
you will make 8 balls.

Flatten each ball into a semi circular shape with your hand to
help you roll it circular with the rolling pin. Roll out the balls
into the size tortilla you want with the rolling pin.

Place a tortilla on hot griddle or pan and cook on each side for
20-30 seconds. The amount of time varies depending on how
hot your griddle is when you put the tortilla on. You should get
nice brown spots on each side--watch them carefully so you don't
cook them too long and dry them out. Practice make perfect!


The Stricklands said...

I live in Texas and have never made homemade tortillas - shame on me! I am going to give these a try. Thanks sweet friend!

Kathy said...

I will trying these. Thanks