Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am alone at home with 2 flat dogs by
the woodstove.

We had a fantastic church service today, with very
few empty seats and our children's pastor spoke
because our senior pastor is still out of state with
his family.

Her main message was how simple it is to tap into
God's great plans and rewards for your life. Read
the Word, talk to God and give Him permission
to do His work in you.

People make it so hard, don't we? MY way, MY way,
MY way. And we wonder why life is just
so difficult all the time. The answer to our
questions lies in the living Word of God.

That's why He inspired it.

Maybe 2010 would be a great year to open
it up and see what's been missing.

I am having fun with the new camera my husband gave
me for Christmas. It is a Lumix with a 12x zoom and
10 megapixels. With my old camera broken, I forgot
how much I like to take pictures! I got out of the
habit of taking it everywhere and as a result I
missed some great photo opportunities.

The picture above was taken right at sunset as an
Allen Marine tour boat was going by our house. They
usually fly by at full speed, but this one was barely
moving, like they were working on it. At first I took
the photo as it crossed in front of the sun, but then
I couldn't see that the lights were on inside the boat.
It looks kind of like it's decorated with Christmas
lights. You can see a person inside one of the windows
if you click the picture.

I can just imagine how gorgeous that sun looked from
inside the boat on the water...

This is my most favorite Christmas ornament of all.
My mother in law brought it with her from Poland.
It has it's own hanger that it is displayed on, rather
than hanging it on the tree.

I like it so much because it exudes craftsmanship.
If you look closely you will see that every single gold
speck showing there is a single tiny bead that had to be
individually placed by a human hand. At first I thought it
was all gold glitter, but many are miniscule gold beads.

What appears to be gold ribbons are actually strokes of
gold paint, again done by a human hand. There was no
mass production, this ornament is one of a kind and that
is what makes it so special.

Kind of like people...glancing at the mass of us all
together it would be easy to just think we are all
the same. Take the time to look closely and you
realize each person is unique and different,
individually handmade by a master craftsman,
one of a kind and very special.

I just received this book in the mail and can't
wait to read through it. There are some
fantastic recipes and ideas in here, just waiting
to be explored. It was published in 1987, so not
too long ago, but not many people these days
realize that they can make just about every
product they pay a premium for in the grocery
store. For much less money and much better
flavor, texture and quality I might add.

The recipe that caught my eye is homemade
Kahlua. I have heard from other people that
the version from this book is so good that
you would never go back to store bought.

I don't actually drink a lot of Kahlua, but I do
enjoy it once in a great while in a Smith and
Curran's, which is Kahlua, Coke and Cream.

I do use it quite often, however in dessert
recipes and just cringe at the cost of it. In
Alaska you cannot purchase alcohol in the
grocery store, you have to go to a liquor store.
I can't even remember how much I had to
pay for the last bottle for a cake order I
had, but I remember swallowing hard
when they rung up the total for that and
a bottle of Kirsch that I was buying for a
Black Forest Cake. According to this
book I can make them both for a fraction
of the cost and they will taste better.

I can't wait to get started!