Monday, January 4, 2010


Once in a blue moon--that's what this is.
It was a full moon twice this month and
that is where the saying Once in a Blue
Moon comes from.

It was so light out the last few nights that
I could actually see the dogs reflected in
the snow when they were outside. Usually
it is so dark all I do is listen for their
collars jingling to know where they are.

It was 26 when we woke up this morning,
which is warmer than where my husband
and daughter are in South Carolina.


My older daughter got the unexpected
pleasure of driving on the ice last night.
Our driveway has about an inch of snow
over the top of sheer ice and we live on a
very steep driveway. She has to learn
sometime if she is going to safely drive
here in the wintertime. I see way too
many people flying at normal speed on
icy roads--very dangerous.

I had her drive while I delivered a cookie
tray last night. Going down the driveway
takes some guts because once you start
heading down there is no going back. We
only slid a couple of times when she hit
the brakes, but once she realized I wasn't
kidding when I said Don't Use The Brakes
we were fine.

Going back up when we got home was
also interesting. We sat at the bottom
while she gathered her nerves, because
one you start up it you better not stop.
It's not bad until you hit the part where
you see everyone else's slide marks!
She did great, we parked safely and
now I feel better about her taking
her own vehicle out on icy roads.

My uncle John sent me software
made for my Mac computer that will
organize all of my recipes. I kind of
have them organized for now into
plastic protected sheets inside
notebooks, but I think it will be
nice to print them out so they are
all the same format.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll
publish a cookbook and I'll need
them all organized into one spot!


Anonymous said...

...first in line for the cookbook!!!

Mary said...

Driving on ice happens a lot where we live in Texas. It is still scary when you are a new driver - I am proud of your daughter! How is the new kitchen? I am still hoping to get more remodeling done on mine before we leave for Africa in June. When do your husband and younger daughter return home? Keep us posted on the cookbook status. I want one too!