Friday, January 1, 2010


My older daughter had a great idea for the
new year--she wanted to learn how to make
an Apple Pie!

No problemo, I've made a couple of those before.


We used the original recipe from my old Betty
Crocker cookbook for the crust and the pie.
Granny Smith apples, of course and the key
is to not over handle the crust and use icy
cold water. That is not hard to do right now,
the cold water comes out of the tap just
above freezing, I swear.

Carefully peel the waxed paper off once
the top crust is in place on the pie. I hope
you dotted the pie with butter first!

Voila! A perfectly wonderful, fresh
from the oven apple pie, just like my
mom made.

(Her pot holders probably weren't
quite as burned as mine though)

Yes, we are eating the entire thing ourselves. It was
good last night while warm, excellent this morning
with the crust softened from the apples overnight.

Happy 2010 everyone, may it be your best year ever!

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