Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ahhhh, it feels so good to sit down. We had a great
time on Christmas Eve, with family, food and fun.

Here are the tables being readied for dinner:

We had Cornish Game Hens, rice, salads, Borscht, bread
and for dessert a variety of cookies and a chocolate cake
made by my niece.

Before dinner we had a few appetizers in the kitchen. My
favorites were my sister in law's warm Artichoke dip and
broiled Mushrooms stuffed with Feta Cheese--yum.

It's amazing that you don't know how hungry you are
until you smell the good food!

This must have been the See Food platter.
The black appetizers are Penguins made from olives
stuffed with cream cheese with carrot feet and beaks.

We also made Krumkakas for the first time. They
are Scandinavian cookies that are cooked on a
special iron, then rolled on a wooden cone to make
a pretty shape. We used a small camp stove
because I have an electric stove and gas works
much better to control the heat of the iron.

My older brother has our Grandma's iron and wooden
roller, so he brought it over and my uncle gave me
our Grandma's recipe to use.

It was fun and a little high-tech because Keith used his
iPhone to time how long to cook the cookies :-) We put
them out on a platter and they were gone instantly so
they must have been good!

The cuzzies had fun together...

Sally & her daughter Nancy visited from Washington
and brought an extra special gift for all of us. Sally
crocheted a Hefty bag full of hats and we each got
to pick one out to keep!

Here are some of the special hats and just look at the
gorgeous servers that volunteered to carry around
my Grandma's china set for people's tea and coffee.

One of the games we played was Frozen Tee Shirt. The
night before I had soaked a few of my husband's shirts
in water, tied them in knots and froze them. The next
morning I took them out to thaw just a little and the
idea was to grab a partner, untie the shirt and then
one of you has to put it on to win.

It's definitely not as easy as it sounds!

Yeeesh that's icy cold over a velvet dress!

The winners!

Another game was Name That Christmas Carol. Teams
of 3 or 4 pick a leader and send the leader to the host
to see the name of a common Christmas carol. The
leader then goes back to their team and has to act
out the carol until the team recognizes it and shouts
it out. They then have to sing the carol and the
whole thing is timed against the other teams.

The Christmas Carol winners!

A pretty picture taken as we went to bed on Christmas Eve.

My little doggy just chillin' and enjoyin' the view after
all the excitement. He likes to sit by the angels and
watch the birds flying around.

Merry Christmas and God's Best Blessings on
your New Year from my family to yours!


Niki said...

looks like a great time! Love the family photo :)

Mary said...

What a wonderful time with your family! Your family is beautiful :) I so wish there was a way to get a wedding cake from Alaska to Texas (in one piece!). You will have to send me a picture of your March cake. Missy and I will meet with our cake friend next week to plan our cake - very exciting! I think we are doing a cream icing with thin green ribbons, pearls and flowers on the top.

Happy New Year sweet friend!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Hey to drive from atl to spartianburg would be 4 hours at the very most and that would be if traffic got hung up... its about 2 and a half from the airport to my house... they would leave the airport on 285 catch I 20 east and haul butt ... I live 4 miles from the grovetown exit which is about 8 miles west of augusta... when you get to augusta you are right at the south carolina border... I would have to ask mike exact directions to spartian burg but it is not far... my phone number is 706 840 0401 call me if you want... hope i got this message in time to help out