Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have a few minutes while the bread is rising and I am
waiting for the broken hot water heater to be fixed. Our 2
year old water heater chose today to meltdown. I need a
shower, but there is no hot water. I have 5 orders due today
and have Christmas Eve dinner at my house tomorrow.

Did I mention there is no hot water?

Hmmm (tapping chin) what to do...what to do...

Oh, I know. How about a joke? I've heard
that if you laugh you won't break down and cry.

Mahatma Gandhi walked barefoot everywhere, to the point that
the soles of his feet became quite thick and hard. Being a very
spiritual person, he ate very little and often fasted. As a result,
he was quite thin and frail. Furthermore, due to his diet, he ended
up with very bad breath.

Therefore he came to be known as a super calloused, fragile mystic,
plagued with halitosis.



Niki said...

LOL...that's a good one :)


praying you have hot water for Christmas!!!
hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

lol...on the joke... but no laughing on the hot water.... but that is why god made wood stoves!


Karen Deborah said...

you are really diggin deep here! Love your header. I didn't bake anything this year. I better go get busy in the kitchen. Hope you got a bath!

Merry Christmas!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

drool... hope you got hot water!!! Merry Christmas !

mary said...

We have a saying around our house that if anything is going to break, it will happen on a major holiday or when we have a house-full of company. I hope all is well now! Have a wonderful New Year with your sweet family.