Monday, December 28, 2009


My younger brother and sister-in-law treat us to a
fun time each year as a special Christmas present.

They rent the local gym for a few hours to play
games with the sports equipment the school has.

We played Dodge Ball, Muk Luk Moose (the
Alaskan version of Duck Duck Goose) P.I.G.
Basketball, the kids roller skated, ran races,
and rode bikes & skateboards.

Afterwards we were treated to pizza, fruit,
drinks and homemade cupcakes.

We had a great time and took a few minutes
to snap some pictures since a lot of our
family was there.

26 of us all together in one spot--quite a feat! You
should be able to click the picture and make it big.

My sister's 3 kids all live in town now.

A sibling husband and I on the left, my sister
and her husband next, my younger brother and his wife
next and my older brother and his wife on the right.

Thank you Jack and Allison for a great time and
more great memories!

Speaking of memories, my husband and younger
daughter are flying out this morning on their way
to Georgia. They will drive from there to South
Carolina to visit with his aunt and uncle. His
mother flew in from Poland for Christmas
and they will spend a week together over
New Years. We had some thick fog roll in
this morning, so hopefully they will be able
to fly out on time...


Karen Deborah said...

This is a Christmas you will treasure.

Mary said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I love it when our huge family is together - I even love the ensuing mess that always follows! I would love to see more pictures of your finished kitchen. I know you are enjoying all the space to create and bake. Happy New Year!!!