Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got a call from the librarian in charge of the
children's programs last week asking me if I
would consider making skulls for her. Uh, O.K.?

She explained that they are doing a program
that teaches about the Day of the Dead,
among other traditions. I always thought
the Day of the Dead had something to do
with All Saint's Day, but it is a large
celebration on November 2nd that
honors the deceased people in the
family. These skulls are made of sugar,
dried and decorated, then displayed
on the family's mantel.

This is the mold I ordered online. These skulls
are approx. 4 1/2" tall and flat on the back.

The mold came with a recipe and specific instructions not
to even attempt to make these on a rainy or humid day.
That's a tough one around these parts! Today was very
cold but sunny, so I figured it's now or never to get
them done.

The recipe calls for regular granulated sugar, meringue
powder and water. You mix the meringue powder all
through the sugar and then sprinkle with the water.
Mix everything with your hands until it looks like
beach sand and when you press into it your finger-
prints remain.

Pack the sugar mixture firmly into the mold...

Scrape the back with a flat knife...

...then carefully flip over onto a clean playing card.

That guy in the middle bottom looks kinds googly-eyed.

They are placed in a 100 degree oven for 10 minutes with
the door ajar and now they need to sit overnight to dry
all the way through.

The kids will be decorating them with royal icing, paint,
sequins, beads, foil bits, etc. and the deceased person's
name is written on the forehead.

Hmm, now I wonder what these guys would look like
in chocolate...

While I was playing with skulls my younger daughter and
husband (and boxer in hunter orange) went up the
mountain a ways to look for deer. It is quite cold out, but
it is steep climbing and you sweat a lot.

Success! This is the second deer this season and we
are allowed 6 per tag. Next he is going to set a skate
for halibut so our pastor has some fish to take with
him when they visit their daughter in CA over

It is a busy week coming up with our older daughter's
best friend flying up tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving
with us and my niece coming home from school too.

Our younger daughter's school has a bake sale the day
before Thanksgiving and my sister and dad's birthdays
are on either side of Thanksgiving day. Plus I will start
the marathon baking for the Artisan's Market this week.

I think I will begin with the Chocolate and Pistachio
Cranberry Biscotti...


Karen Deborah said...

all those skulls on a cookie sheet look so weird! The biscotti sound good and how bout a bit of stew? Good for you to have a man that brings home the meat!

mary said...

What a busy and wonderful season for you! It is obvious that your family enjoys being together. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Karen Deborah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Kris!!