Saturday, November 21, 2009


Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is in 5 days. I had a
wedding cake tasting today and since I had leftover
batter I made this 2 layer Pumpkin Cake for our
Mission's fundraiser at church tomorrow.

How do you like the stem? I made it out of fondant
and then painted it to look like it has been in the

And more orange for your viewing pleasure--check out
that sunset from a couple of nights ago. I wonder; will
the sunset be red at Christmastime?

My kitchen is pretty much finished and I'll post
pictures shortly. My husband is finishing up the
sheetrock and texture in the master bedroom
and I'll have pictures of that soon too. Can
you picture a dark red on the walls? Well,
that's what I picked out for paint. The
bottom floor in our house is just so cold
feeling that I wanted a nice warm color
on the walls. Just in case it doesn't work
out I got a nice warm beige for backup
since paint is half price right now :-)

I hate that my camera is broken. My brother
is down in Seattle and offered to take my
daughter's expensive camera down to have
it looked at since it is broken too. What
is it about the camera's in this house?!
My new hand held mixer broke too and
it was supposed to be heavy duty so I
paid extra for it. Oh, and the professional
vacuum broke too, right in the middle of
my husband sanding the sheetrock on the
walls. As a result he didn't know that it
was shooting white sheetrock dust out
the back the whole time.

{Big Sigh}

It is dark here at 4:23 pm now and dark
when we wake up.

I am a mole with a broken camera
and a dusty house.


Jane said...

Kris!! Don't use your vacuum for the sheetrock dust! It will totally ruin it. Trust me, I TOTALLY ruined mine!
The pumpkin cake is cool! Pat thinks so too. And, the sunset is gorgeous!
How is your mom? Isn't this her surgery month?

Niki RuralWritings said...

our bedroom is a dark red and we love's cozy and I love how it looks at night with just the nighttable lamps on.

Amazing pumpkin cake!!!
Keep well,

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cute cake awesome sunset and unless you have a shop vac sheetrock dust is killer...